Since Drupal Core 7.2 all counts with the Tweet Button is 0 on my site. When looking at the source code, it seems "node/[ID]" and not the alias is used to get the count, which is then not recognised by Twitter.


Subscribing. Got the same problem here, turned of the counter until this is fixed.

Same thing for the 6.x branch.

I think it is due to the following:

I tweet a node, which is titled "2 FANGAZ DOWN". It get's tweetet and i can see it on my profile, but the counter still says zero". If i click on the zero, it will search for every tweet with the node title in it, but instead of looking for "2 FANGAZ DOWN", it looks for "2-FANGAZ-DOWN".

Subscribing. No counting


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Could anyone please test it against the latest version of 7.x branches. The issue might be because the count-url was an internal url.