It would be great to have the option to hyphenate spaces in in Field Configuration options.

I am using Views to create SEO links (eg: from taxonomy term tokens. I do it this way: /[name]/[field_city_n]?tid=[tid] . These tokens are: term-parent & term-name.

Some taxonomy terms contain multi-word terms (eg: New South Wales). Pathauto converts the spaces to hyphens. Links generated for multiword terms 404. All that is missing is the hyphen - perhaps the pathauto behavior could mirrored in Views?

Perhaps the option to convert spaces to hyphens in my fields would be a good addition to Views? Doesn't seem too different from "Remove Whitespace" or "Strip HTML".

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Oh, and perhaps "Convert to lowercase" would also be nice?

I'm also struggling with the same issue. Views is a great module, this is the first thing I haven't been able to figure out (not being a programmer) Thanks!

Following the same principles it would also be most helpful to have Pathauto style treatment of punctuation and symbols. So that Paul's Bike & Skate Shop is rewritten as pauls-bike-skate-shop rather than paul%27s-bike-%26-skate-shop

Given that the requests above appear to have been implemented now, should I post this as a separate feature request?

pathauto inside option will be excellent solution.

As implemented by "File (Field) Paths"

I also would love the pathauto options in views.

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Attached patch provides to_lowercase and replace_punctuation options.

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