In a site I have to set up a DHTML menu in the front page (dhtml is mandatory), and the same menu as a menublock in inner pages, DHTML is unacceptable there. So far I have manually duplicated the menu, (two menus with the same content) which is a solution as far as they don't want to add nodes to the menu.

Maybe you can help me to disable DHTML for the block only, maybe overriding with hook_menu_something?. Thanks.


Version:6.x-2.4» 7.x-2.x-dev
Category:support» bug

Actually, "Expand all children of this tree" will not work if the menu has DHMTL menu enabled and "Static Navigation" is set to "None".

I think something like disable DHTML menu for block only should go as an option in advanced options. Plus a note in documentation could fix that bug.