This may be difficult to implement, but it would be wonderful if you could color-code items on the timeline based on taxonomy. In addition, different content types could be represented with different colors (based simply on node-type-- this could already be in place but I didn't see documentation for it). Maybe these options could be configured separately within the settings for each timeline.

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Title:Color codingColor coding based on taxonomy or content type

Chad, this could indeed be a useful feature. Unfortunately, I don't personally have the possibility to tackle it in the foreseeable future - perhaps one of the other developers could be interested? Leaving this open, patches welcome.

Note that it could make sense to implement #104890 and this at the same time, given that different content types might be represented by different icons.

+1 good idea

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I've roughed a patch that implements this feature. The patch is kinda hackish and needs improvement.

To test this you need to:

  1. Add an additional field to the view you want to 'group' events by, e.g. 'Node: Type', 'Taxonomy: All Terms' or 'Og: Group names'.
  2. Go to the timeline settings page and choose the field you want to 'group' events by. There is a new section 'Group by'.

Currently colors are limited to 16.

Ideas to improve the patch are welcome :)

I've tested the patch by recidive and it works well. Very, very useful feature - recommend to commit it as soon as possible.

This is great!
Does somebody know how to use different bullets for "instant" events? I want them to look similar to events with different start/end date.

Any chance of getting this committed? This looks great. Any problems with the patch?

Thank you for the patch. It works well for me !

Is it possible to attach one color with one term, and then make a legend ?

Would be nice if someone could implement the same functionality for drupal 6 version.

The calendar module for views does this color coding and legend thing already, may be that would provide an easy method?

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This feature has been added to the 2.x version of the timeline module by using views "group by" option.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.