The doxygen function documentation for module_invoke() lists both $hook and $module as parameters, but these are currently retrieved with func_get_args() rather than being declared in the function definition. Adding the parameters to the function definitions would make them more self-documenting and would also provide more meaningful error messages when the correct parameters are not passed.

The same is true of module_invoke_all() for its $hook argument.

Proposed resolution

Patch in #1216758-4: Add $module and $hook as formal parameters in module_invoke() adds the arguments to the function definitions. So:
module_invoke($module, $hook)


Remaining tasks

None. The $module and $hook parameters are already documented in the functions' docblocks.

User interface changes


API changes

The documented signatures for module_invoke() and module_invoke_all() would technically change, but there would be no functional change since both use func_get_args(). (These functions already trigger errors when the $hook or $module arguments are not passed.)

This change could be backported to D7 and even D6.

Original report by @tim.plunkett

Looking at module_invoke, I don't understand why $module and $hook aren't in the function definition.

I'm expecting there is a reason why this isn't done, but if so, can we document why it is done this way?

This would also make things break cleaner if someone tried to call module_invoke() alone.

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By cleaner, a required parameter error for module_invoke is better than vague warnings and parameter error for module_hook(). Especially since module_hook() already has formal parameters this is a bit of a WTF likely caused by the historical implementation of module_invoke()(array_shift'ing in D5).

Patch looks good though I haven't actually reviewed it and the bot hasn't finished running so just a soft +1 and sub

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Needs a comment above the unset otherwise good.

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Comment modeled after the one in drupal_get_form() where the same thing is done.
Also noticed the same exact thing in module_invoke_all().

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Excellent, thanks!

This can be backported to D7 and perhaps even to D6, too.

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Updated issue summary.

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Markup fail.

Summary added. Cool patch by the way; this one made me go "Oh duh!"

This patch can actually be ported back to Drupal 4.7.x...

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Committed to 8.x. Thanks!

Just to note, the commit message got mangled:

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For D7 and D6.

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Should apply cleanly against D7, too.

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Seems like a decent DX improvement.

Committed and pushed to 7.x. Thanks!

Yay! Thanks!

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