Apparently core Fields assumes that the theme (or CSSer) will take care of fields with inline labels:

.field-label-inline  .field-label,
.field-label-inline  .field-items,
.field-label-inline  .field-items .field-item {
  display: inline;
.field-label-inline  .field-items .field-item {
  margin-right: 1em;
.field-label {
  font-weight: bold;

This works for me. Perhaps it could be included in the standard [XHTML] CSS with Omega.


This styling is in omega/alpha/alpha-alpha.css

.field-label-inline .field-label,
.field-label-inline .field-items,
.field-label-inline .field-item {
  display: inline;

Hmm, must have been a change since alpha4, because it is not in my code.

Status:Active» Fixed

Oh, here have been so many changes since Alpha 4. I really recommend an upgrade to Beta 3

Updated and it's okay now.

Alright! Now we can help each other through Beta 4-8, RC1-5, No.I.Really.Mean.It.This.Time. 1-4, and finally Omega 3.0.0!!

BTW, when I upgraded, I lost my fixed width layout. Not a biggie, I just added a body width to my CSS.

The width's of your layout should have been determined by your Omega Sub-theme's Grid Settings -> Default (960px) layout settings, not by custom CSS. It is what Omega is all about.

Check out this newbie article:

Good stuff. Please make it available through the project page; I'm sure I'll need it again.

Apparently I lost that setting when I upgraded. But now I know what to do next time.

Status:Fixed» Active

Missed .field-label-inline  .field-items .field-item which is used by Date.