I want to propose an integration with the context module, which permit to connect conditions (eg. path is user/*) with reaction (eg. set a menu item for active handler)
This could be useful in ds layouts with blocks that need contestualization but either for conditional layouts.

Thanks in advance.

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Always interested ! :)

I did something similar for Views already: http://drupal.org/project/vcd

It's a cool feature, but I would suggest waiting for a unified context API in D8. Currently, there are different options: context, rules,... each with their own dependencies. If anything, if you hook context, you might as well support rules too if you want to leave people a choice.

Thank you, this is a good example. I'll study a bit more your module.

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I'm back!
Attached a proposal for a ds_context module (many thanks to netsensei for the hint).

Actually offer both a condition and a reaction called "Display suite: fields visibility".
- The reaction hide/shows the field based on conditions.
- The condition set a "default state" for selected fields (in this case the above reaction should be chosen) eg. set some fields always hidden

In this way a field can be always hidden with the exception of another condition "overriding" the default eg.
show some fields only in this menu trail.

Also, I think it might be better to use hook_entity_view_alter - or the field_attach_view_alter - that way *all* fields could benefit from the context and there's no patch needed for ds.module itself, because at this point, I think the only thing context can work on are ds fields and not field api fields, right ?

Actually the reaction get entities with entity_get_info() and list the fields in entity->bundle->layout->settings.
The field api items are missing... still needs work :) I'll try to fix them soon.

I post some additional ideas:
- ds code support (condition/reaction)
- passing arguments to field (eg. block views) from a view result or ds code (as reaction)
- custom theming / layout switcher (reaction)
- hide / show a layout region

Use cases:
- node has term, display related nodes with term
- user has this role, display a layout-[$user->rid] layout
- user is going to buy a product, show the region with the related products he could be interested (based on cart or tracker as nid view arguments).

I wonder if this shouldn't be a separate project for a few reasons:

  1. I rarely use context to add full support on the issue queue of DS itself.
  2. If we start with context, I imagine rules will come along as well soon too, as netsensei suggests, which I don't use a lot as well, so again something I don't have a lot of time to support full on the issue queue.
  3. I've had this situation before where I included support for modules that I didn't even know off and could'nt help people in the issue queue if they had problems with them.

So I think I'd rather see someone else taking this up as a separate project on d.o so I can concentrate on DS core (+ contrib support that I/we at work use a lot). Muka, You are absolutely free to start such a project and maintain it yourself if you like :) Let me know what you think, because I'm pretty close to setting this one to won't fix for the reasons outlined above.

Yes, make sense. This is a related module and won't help a lot on the growing of ds core.
Let's close it. Thanks

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I've taken this to http://groups.drupal.org/node/167684 for further discussion.

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I showed swentel that changing the view mode is possible via hook_entity_view_alter. For example when you want to force all entities to use the teaser view mode you just would write:

function mymodule_entity_view_alter(&$build, $type) {
  $build['#view_mode'] = 'teaser';

So to implement the context integration we need some hooks, let's take a look at the context.api.php file.
Also a good example is the nd_context_bm module. It has a plugins directory where the condition and the reaction is and the hook stuff is located in the nd_context_bm.module.

I think the necessary hooks are:

I will take a look at this later.

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drupal.org/project/ds_context will be available soon :)

Bump? We are looking for ds_context today. Is it still sandboxed?

Looks like it shouldn't be TOO hard (if x then use this alternative view mode to render the node) but if there is prior art, I'd like to go from there.
Searching not working for me yet.

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@yannickoo do you already have some code?

I'm so sorry, I deleted that module for 1 month when cleaning my machine. This has nothing to do with Display Suite because it is for entities which are independent from Display Suite.

When I have some time I will try to recreate a context_view_mode module, okay?

#14 no problem, it looks interesting so I was just wondering. Take your time ;-)

FYI still have this on my todo list!

Yannicko FTW!!!

I thought that we create a new module which allows you to change the view mode of an entity via Context but the problem is that you might have lots of entities on a page, which entity should be changed now?

FYI I created a sandbox where I will put the code in.

the repository is empty ?

I have this on my machine. I need more information about the features as I described in #18.

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The sandbox is there, work can go on there https://drupal.org/sandbox/yan_nick/1995902

if you got a lot of entities on a page then it is managed by a view oid?

It should only work for the viewing of a single entity. Otherwise a view could manage the view mode and the context module.