May I know how to convert a Block Menu/Main Menu to a simple horizontal menu?
I know there is a module in D6 than can do this but how about in D7?



Thanks Nigel. Thats Is what O am looking for. Wonder how do I position it so that it is aligned right and bottom of a block? I happen to have a left block (containing my logo) and a right block for the menu.

Very appreciated your help.

find the id of the menu block, set css to position:relative; bottom:0; right:0; to place it in the region.

I am using Omega subtheme (http://drupal.org/project/omega) to begin with. This is also make things more complicated when digging through to find the correct id selector.

This is where my menu:
Header section > User zone > User bar first (this is where I put my logo) | User bar second (this is where I put my menu)

I try the CSS but dosen't work

position: relative;
right: 0px;
bottom: 0px;

Can you provide a URL to the dev site?

I doesn't have it hosted yet. I have my dev site on my computer!

Send me a screenshot with a description of what ur trying to do.

remove the css I recommended previously. throw a float:right; margin-top:50px; on it (Give or take some px)

OMG you did it! I have been sitting here for 3 days now to figure how to fix this.

Thank you very very much!

I managed to use this reply of yours to manipulate my block but the menu bar oesn t seem to go horizontal.. i can change the width and height though so its defenetlyreacting to my css..
is it possible that my theme doesnt allow horizontal menus?

im using Ishopping (sub Theme) to nucleus (base theme)

Thanks in advance :)

Each theme may be different in some ways (different css selectors or css to override), but there is no way your "theme doesn't allow horizontal menus". It is better if you post an new issue with a link to your site instead of hijaking someone else's issue. While your issue is similar it is dependent on your own custom setup.