I use Disqus module on my local dev site (not accessible from outside). I want try SSO feature but if i configure all for SSO i get on only Disqus loading icon. If i disable SSO checkbox (Advanced > Single Sign-On) all comments on same page loads properly.

In Behaviour i have checked Testing checkbox.

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Ok i find i need Professional add-ons for this. I thought i have some trial for testing this feature.

Title:SSO problemsWarn that SSO requires at least the Professional Add-on Package
Version:6.x-1.8» 7.x-1.x-dev
Category:support» bug
Status:Fixed» Needs review
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This definitely should warn that we need Professional account.

Hi, sorry to brought up this issue again.
My Disqus account now Professional with SSO enabled on it.
And I seems managed to implement the SSO which indicated that I can login to Drupal through the popup window of Disqus.

However, after I managed to login, the Disqus just showing loading animated gif, and never showing up the comments.
So is this more with Drupal or Disqus problem?

Just FYI, if this because of domain name issue, I checked all the settings in Disqus, they all already using the same domain name, and there's no http authentication in my site what so ever.


What domain are you working on? Maybe sometime along the way, JavaScript breaks and makes it so that Disqus doesn't load?

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Now that I see the text in action I think it'd actually be better to not mention the Pro package explicitly -- instead, just say Add-ons that include SSO (and other phrases along those lines) -- in case we ever change the packages again.

Hi Rob, forgot to update this thread again as I finally make it work.
My account actually just so-called managing the account that belong to my client, which is paid account.
So basically, I finally managed to make it work by accessing client's account with their permission to make SSO feature enabled.
That is all, and the rest are just working fine the way it is.
Awesome module btw, thanks :)

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