I'd like to use the csv to import nodes with their authors by username. Currently, you can achieve this by using Mapping for Node processor to add a source field for uid to the csv. It'd be nice if you could also do this by username. The only other way to do this by username is in the node processor settings, and it only allows one username per batch, either specific author or anonymous. Anyway, it's just a nice to have as the essential functionality is already there.


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further clarification since functionality does exist via mapping

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I'm changing my posted issue to (very) minor, since the functionality already exists in some capacity. It's something to bear in mind though for future updates to the module since variable authorship is not readily apparent from the node processor page, but is available through uid in mapping. At the very least, this post will serve as a tutorial for people searching for how to implement this. Thanks for this excellent module.

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Added in mapping to email as well.

Title:Importing multiple nodes, each with a different author.Add targets for autor name and email in node processor.

Title:Add targets for autor name and email in node processor.Add targets for author name and email in node processor.

Great, thanks, will have to check this out.

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Yes. Wicked awesome. Perfect. Cool. Just what I need.

Please commit!

Looks nice, but I'm pretty sure there was another issue on this too.

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Patch is failing latest code, needs reroll.

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I like this patch, I like it a lot. Why isn't it committed yet? >.>

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Er... Can you read my comment above?

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Apparently I am blind, sorry; hope this makes up for blindness, rough re-roll for testing.

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Thanks, committed.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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