I would like to see a way to define recurring events in the event calendar so you wouldn't have to manually enter things that occur on a regular schedule.



I needed recurring events also and was pleasantly surprised that this functionality can be easily added as follows:

1. Administer > Site Building > Modules > Enable Date Repeat API
2. Administer > Content Management > Content Types > Event > Manage Fields > When > Configure > Widget Type > Change Basic Information > Widget Type > 'Text Field with Date Pop-up and Repeat Options.

After doing this, you'll find that you can create recurring events with a lot of different options for repeat intervals and the repeating event will be rendered on the calendar view, no other modifications needed!

Since churches tend to have a lot of recurring events, you might want to work this into the standard install.

By the way, I am really loving OpenChurch. The developer(s) did a really great job! So helpful.

Ha, I just replied to my own issue.

I am pretty sure someone else already asked for this, though.

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Thanks! Ya we did have someone else ask for that so I will post your notes in the other ticket.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Version:» 7.x-1.x-dev
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I have implemented the fix described in #1, but can't sort out how to get recurring events to actually display multiple times on the calendar view.

Any hints?

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One thought is you could check out the calendar project page and see how they document how date repeats work. Check that issue queue as well. I just haven't had time to look into this as I am currently focused on bug fixes.

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In Drupal 6.24 this setup is slightly different. There is no When>Configure>. When you get to Event>Manage Fields the "Change basic information" button and the pull down menu to get one of the input widgets that lets you set the rules for repeat options are at the top of that page. (There are also a lot of options about how the repeat dates will or won't be displayed in event posts and other contexts including RSS feeds at Administer > Content Management > Content Types > Event > Display Fields.)

Title:Minor menu changesSet up recurring events - Minor menu changes for D6.24

Don't take out the subject of the issue if changing the title.

Re # 6... I assume that you have got repeating events working, but they still are not being displayed in the view. (If they are working, I think the date/times of the repeat events should be being displayed at the beginning of your event posts and on the Repeat tab, unless you have excluded them from being displayed in the Field Display settings for that content type.)

If this is where you are, I'd suggest looking at Administer>Views>calendar, and then checking the settings for the Calendar Page display for that view. In the Fields settings, you should have some Date From field (whatever you called it when you set the calendar view up - the field that holds the From date/time for the events.) If you click on that item to edit it and then scroll down to look at the options, there's a checkbox called (not terribly helpfully) "Group Multiple Values". That needs to be unchecked for your repeats to display. Hope that helps.

Sorry - I didn't realize I'd trash the title of the whole thread (though now it's obvious that's what that note about "update the issue's overall values" is saying...

Title:Set up recurring events - Minor menu changes for D6.24Set up recurring events

No text...

Title:Set up recurring eventsSet up recurring events - Minor menu changes for D6.24

Don't worry, I made that mistake too early on (less than a year ago) by not reading the Note. It's such tiny text!

For Drupal 7, the menu changed even more.
Now it's:
1. Administer > Modules > Enable Date Repeat API (I also made sure Openchurch Events and Date Repeat Field were enabled)
(path: admin/modules)
2. Administer > Structure > Content Types > Event > Manage Fields > When > [Select Widget Type] > Widget Type > 'Date Pop-up'
(path: admin/structure/types/manage/openchurch-event/fields/field_oc_dates/widget-type

However, I do not see the 'Text Field with Date Pop-up and Repeat Options' on that page, even after enabling the Date Repeat API and Date Repeat Field modules. Only 'Select list', 'Text field', and 'Pop-up calendar'. Clearing cache doesn't help.

Attempting to change the settings for the Field (of type Date), shows me everything grayed out and a message "There is data for this field in the database. The field settings can no longer be changed."

Is this something I should enable by default? I don't want to add any complexity if only a small percentage are going to use repeating events. Thanks for the help @Stephen.

I would think enabled by default due to most churches already have recurring events each week/month.

Agreed. For example youth/small/care group meetings often repeat every one or two weeks, and some churches have things for example on the first or last Sundays, or third tuesdays. It may be a bit more complex, but I think it would be very useful since I can't think of a church that doesn't have repeating events.

At the very least a good path to enable it and documentation to get it working would be good. We're the site builders so we can handle a bit of initial complexity, and we don't want to hand off the site to the church admin with the instruction "Every month, you'll have to re-enter your events, or just use it for one-time things."

I'll try to work on paragraph 2 here/this weekend.

ok that sounds good, I have added to the roadmap issue: http://drupal.org/node/1489956

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I am getting a form implode error and I dont think the repeat functionality is working. Going to follow this issue:

But we are going to have to put this issue on hold until date and/or calendar get fixed.

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Can take this off of postponed but need some help testing this issue. The calendar module people are claiming this is a date problem which might be the case. The date module was updated recently so maybe it's fixed? I think 2x dev should have the latest date module.

Going to try the latest version of the date and calendar modules and se e if that makes any difference.

Version:7.x-1.x-dev» 7.x-2.x-dev

OK I have something working on my local box now, going to push it to 2x dev if I can get it to work. I have the feature updated with the new field/view settings but I need to see if I will be able to upgrade the date field to this modified date field from beta2 without getting these crazy errors.

Well so the issue is the upgrade, bc essentially you have to delete all of the event data for it to allow you to upgrade the field which isn't really an option. I could see if there is some sort of manual db update I could make to transition the field over? Otherwise we are somewhat stuck.

OK it's weird that it doesn't update the schema for you, all I see is that it adds field_oc_dates_rrule to the oc_dates tables which seems easy enough. I have added an update hook to the event feature that I am testing out to see if I can make this schema change myself.

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I am very pleased to announce that I have added the date repeat field to 2x head with update hook. I had to add my own update hook to modify the field myself. Even so you will still want to revert the Openchurch Events feature. You will see that now events show up multiple times on the events page and calendar page if they are repeating. On the event detail page it shows you the next 5 dates, which is a limit I set. I wanted to set the same limit on the events page but it ignores it. So if you repeat a date 99 times it will show it 99 times on the events page (altho it uses a pager).

It may be a little confusing that it will show 5 dates on the detail page. I didn't want to just show 1, and I didn't want to show all of them. 5 was a compromise as people will get the idea that this is a repeating event.

Still need to push this to 1x-dev!

Version:7.x-2.x-dev» 7.x-1.x-dev

I have merged the 2x branch with 1x which means we are gearing up to push this to 1.11-alpha1

I need testers to download dev and run installs end to end.

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Finally pushed out to 1.11

Pushed to 1.11

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Reply to #10: A huge THANK YOU for this. It is exactly the information I was looking for. That checkbox is, indeed, badly named and I had overlooked it when trying to get my events to display again after going from non- to recurring events.