After ~ 2 minutes of trying to import a csv file, I get this error: An HTTP error 500 occurred. /*/batch?id=22&op=do'

Only about 100 nodes are imported when this error shows and I have a csv of 5000 items.


Up your memory limit and script execution time in php.ini default will probably be 128mb and 60

Hi Dale, I am on a VPS server and have edited my php.ini file with:

max_execution_time = 120
max_input_time = 120 ; Maximum amount of time each script may spend parsing request data
memory_limit = 250M

Yet, the problem still occurs.

I've seen similar errors on here based on what the csv was saved from, try opening it in google docs and doing a save as and reimporting with the updated php.ini settings and see what happens.

i get the same error trying to import an ical feed
and i don't think it is a time out issue as the feed import takes less than 10 seconds before it finishes and reports the error.

had to disable syslog to work around this error