From the modules page (admin/modules) it currently links to admin/config
instead of admin/config/user-interface/menu-breadcrumb

Solution contains
configure = admin/config/menu_breadcrumb
instead of
configure = admin/config/user-interface/menu-breadcrumb

I've attached the smallest patch in the world. :)


Version:7.x-1.3» 7.x-1.x-dev
Status:Active» Reviewed & tested by the community

...was about to file this one myself. Patch is a one-line no-brainer and works fine.

Also works for me. RTBC ?

This error is still in the release version. Any reason not to roll it in to the release?

Sure, it will be included in the next release. Note #1827248: Release co-ordination for Menu Breadcrumb 6.x-1.4 and 7.x-1.4 - hoping to do that start of December 2012.

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There is a check in code to see if you are on the admin page. The wrong url is checked.

Made a small patch.

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Explained in more detail where it links from.

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Status:Reviewed & tested by the community» Closed (fixed)

path #5 ported to 7.x branch.

Thanx ;)