When I go to the path /testgallery/gallery/exampleuser-gallery
In the breadcrumb I'm seeing this:
Home › Gallery List › exampleuser&#039s Galleries

At /galleries/3
I'm seeing this as the page title and the head :
username's Galleries

Has anyone else had this problem?

According to other discussions, this might be happening because of a double check_plain() on usernames.



Yes, I saw it when I updated from 6.x-2.0-beta2 to 6.x-3.0. I had to revert to 6.x-2.0-beta2, due to a scheduled presentation of work in progress. I have not tried 6.x-3.0 again since.

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This would fix it, but I'm not sure if we need to differentiate between breadcrumbs out of different sources.

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Perhaps you can test it a bit, especially with some custom page titles.

#2 confirm that it works for me. Many Thanks

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minor correction

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I tried this patch today, but it is only a partial fix. It fixes the apostrophe in breadcrumbs, but not the page(view) title.

If I click on "John Doe's Galleries" in the breadcrumbs, and look at the actual page, its page title and view title still display the apostrophe as & #039 ;

(I would be just as happy not having an apostrophe there at all, but it isn't clear to me where it is coming from)

I have the same problem.

When you try to change "argumets" properties (title and breadcrumb) on that particular view (there is "%1's Galleries" out of the box) it does nothing. The title and breadcrumb still shows "%1's Galleries" strings on the pages even if you completly delete title and breadcrumb setting in the view.

confirm #6

I looked into this further, and found that the apostrophe in the page titles is hard-coded into the module.

issue 1: I would prefer this were not hard-coded, I would prefer it were configurable. Apparently I'm not the only one who wasted a lot of time try to edit it by changing Views arguments.

issue 2: if it is hard-coded, it really needs to be fixed.

(This is a great gallery system, I'm sad to see it is in limbo for version 7.)

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Committed patch from scroogie in #2. jpro, #9 is a valid point, but needs a new issue for it.

Thanks, justintime. My item 2 is a new item, and I do need to create a new issue for it. I'll do that.

But my item 1 is part of this issue. Page title/view title errors were a part of this original issue report, not just breadcrumbs. The patch in #2 only fixes breadcrumbs, not page titles and view titles (see #1), so this issue is only partially fixed by this patch.

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Okay, gotcha. Setting to needs work.


Any news on this issue about the titles?

Is the problem now fixed with the latest version on git?

"Node Gallery: November 9, 2011 16:17
Commit 438341b on 6.x-3.x
by Justin Ellison
Issue #1254722 by scroogie: Apostrophes in usernames showing as '"

Or do we have still to stay with the version 6.x-2.0-beta2



Note: The latest version on git is still bugged.

We saved the problem with the "Title Overrides" module
This works great for us at the moment!
We hadn't the time to look into the code it self, to find out where the bug is located.



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Issue queue cleanup. No more changes to 6.x.

Issue with the title still exists. Does anyone have a patch for it?

pverrier's patch resolved the issue for me. It got rid of the &#039 and replaced it with an apostrophe.

The link to his patch


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