It's kinda slow or tiresome when I want to upload a lot of images. So I gues it will be a good idea to have a Bulk Upload Ability in IMCE module

What I have
I'm using FCKeditor + IMCE. I also have the Filezilla FTP client.

The Problem
- It's kinda weird if I upload those images manually via Filezilla, because the IMCE image list won't list up whatever that I've uploaded manually. So I will have a problem when I want to find the manually-uploaded-images.

If you look at this URL:-
I have more than 10 pics. So you guess how many times I have to upload them via IMCE.


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it is a bit late for 5.x. may be in 6.

Drupal 6? Sounds delicious!

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Would be nice...

I'd consider it essential tbh, having to upload one file at a time is ridiculous. Not a criticism of IMCE as such, more of drupal in general.

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Marking critical since there are quite a few issues about this and there are NO decent Drupal solutions out there. Adding this feature (maybe with integration of swfupload) could tremendously help the future of this module and Drupal's image management in general.

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Created a quick and dirty module for this that could use your (meaning anyone's) input/patches.


I have a problem tho and I'm not sure if its a limitation or a setting I cant find. I installed the module and when i go to IMCE I can see the upload multiple files button, when I click this the dialogue box comes up but the only files I can select are jpg png gif and txt, I need to upload mp3 files.

I went into the SWF upload settings and added .mp3 for all content types for all roles, but mp3 files are still not in the filter to upload in IMCE. I can't see anything in the IMCE settings regarding allowed extensions, and as far as I can see there is no configuration options for your IMCE SWF upload module.

any ideas?

Hmm, post it in the imce_swfupload issue queue if you haven't already and I'll check it out.


I'm not sure how this interfaces with swf upload, but im kinda thinking the fact the allowed file types in swfupload are associated to content types and roles, that this insn't where its set, in saying that tho there are no allowed extension settings for IMCE and no specific settings for your own module, so is there something hard coded in your module regarding allowed file types or is it not picking up the settings of swfupload? Major step forward anyway, appreciate your work.

It is hard coded in the module found in>> (sites/all/modules/swfupload)

Check out the line of code below. I got this to work but know I can't seem to get the files to upload in the users dircectory. The user that uploaded the files.

// Set a default value if array is empty

if(empty($settings[$role])) {

$settings[$role]->filepath = '%uid';


$settings[$role]->max_img_resolution = '800x600';

$settings[$role]->list = 1;

$settings[$role]->file_extensions = 'jpg jpeg gif png txt doc mov wmv mp3 mpg2';

$settings[$role]->max_file_size = 1;

$settings[$role]->node_max_file_size = 0;

$settings[$role]->max_files = 1;

$settings[$role]->upload_usersize = 10;

if ($role == t('authenticated user')) {

So how does the module handle registering the files into the files table?

Although the blog post exclusively uses Drush, could we pull some knowledge from the technique used and build a simple settings page using the FORM API for administrators to:

a) Register the path to base the audit on.
b) Run an audit and view report.
c) Run an update adding all files not found in the DB?
d) Run an update to clean files that are referenced in the db but point to a missing file?

Maybe this should be a module dedicated to managing files on the server and registering the files into the db?

This issue affects file field, file field sources, in addition to IMCE.

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Closing 6.x-1.x issues as this branch is no more supported.

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This applies just as much to the Drupal 7 branch as it applied to the Drupal 6 branch.
Multi-upload would be very useful.

Why not simply use the html 5 multi upload, similar to

The IMCE module was just what I was looking for. From time to time I want to upload 20-50 documents that my system dynamically makes links to. Therefore I want to upload files to my DRUPAL site without first attaching them to specific content.

However, I was sad to see that IMCE only supports single file upload. I am aware that other modules support multi file uploads, but none with the nice IMCE feature of seeing right into the backend file structure without being in content edit mode.

Apparently the people behind DRUPELLA have solved the issue and made a special module (see here: , but right now they fall short of my interest when charging money for the module.

Does anyone else have a comment on multiple upload support with IMCE?



I second the request for both 6x and 7x

Just wondering, is this even on the todo-list for this module (and if so then how far down the list) or do we have to look elsewhere for something that can handle multiple uploads


I am confused.

These modules seem to be the solution for multiple pictures upload ?

So what are you still looking for ?


I would much prefer HTML5 multi upload over a flash solution.

If you mean this it is only for D7: