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$block is not a parameter:

$block object for $module.

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Oh this one is nice. Here is the original block in php

* @param $module
*   Name of the module that implements the block to load.
* @param $delta
*   Unique ID of the block within the context of $module. Pass NULL to return
*   an empty $block object for $module.

So the amount of signs is exactly that it looks like it would be another parameter.
This seems to be that there should be a kind of styling for the next param.

Title:Documentation problem with block_loadblock_load should not refer to $block
Version:7.x-dev» 8.x-dev
Issue tags:+Novice, +needs backport to D7

I think you're just objecting to this:

* @param $delta
*   Unique ID of the block within the context of $module. Pass NULL to return
*   an empty $block object for $module.

when $block is not actually a variable.

OK. That's a valid point. $block here should just be "block", as in "return an empty block object...". Sounds like a good project for a novice contributor to learn how to make a patch!

I'd be happy to learn how to make a patch - please point me in the right direction ..

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lukus - I just followed the steps on this page - http://drupal.org/project/drupal/git-instructions

Not sure about how to properly name this patch.

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Status:Active» Reviewed & tested by the community

Sorry, cross-post! Looks like you found some instructions. :)

The patch looks fine (assuming the test bot agrees), and should apply to d7 and d8. Thanks!

Oh, and regarding patch naming - the name you chose is fine. Usually people put the issue number and a description in the name, which you did.

Status:Reviewed & tested by the community» Fixed

Committed to 7.x and 8.x.

Thx for the info - I'll be good to go next time.

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