I have a content type called projects, which nodes can be filed under certain taxonomy vocabularies like lecturer, students or semester. The projects are printed out as teasers on a page view and through exposed filters the user is able to filter by taxonomy:term (lecturer, student, semester). Is there an option to have a textfield showing the results of the query? For example: When a user filters by the terms lecturer and semester,
a textfield should appear above the node teasers, and say something like this "Searchresults for terms: Michael Mustermann, Wintersemester 2011/2012". Please also have a look at the attached frame.
Any help how to build this, would be greatly appreciated.

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Well currently you can't do this out of the box but you could write some custom theming taking $view->filter values and built up this output.

You could probably have to extend your views-view.tpl.php.

Thank you for your immediate response. This would be a nice functionality to extend the views module. Because there are quite often situations where I want to present users a clue what they've selected and where they are. It could be something similar to the "empty text" functionality, maybe it could be named "result text" and it should be able to take arguments.

I've tried researching on the hint ($view->filter) you pointed me to, but I wasnt able to find something to go on and my php skills for custom functions are pretty basic. Any further hints or ideas how I could do this?

This would be probably a handy plugin for the views bonus pack, but this is only possible really well with views3.

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Good idea. Thread moved to the views bonus pack issue que. Maybe someone over here has an Idea how to handle that.