If you place the wysiwyg in the same "horizontal tab" (http://drupal.org/project/field_group) as the file field widget or on an edit for without any horizontal tab items it works as designed.

If you place the wysiwyg on Horiz tab 1 and the file widget on horiz tab 2 when you try to insert you get the following error and the action doesnt work:

E is undefined
Line 95

It seems like the display: none; that horizontal tabs applies to the fieldset makes the wysiwyg unavailable for manipulation? Wontfix is a totally valid answer here but i thought you might have an idea that i hadnt considered for an easy fix. Cheers.


We previously had the exact same scenario with Vertical Tabs, but we've built support for them directly into the Insert module. See issue #852038: Partly broken if textarea is within a Vertical Tab.

Depending on the popularity of other tab-based modules and on the ease of implementing, we might consider building int support for those too. You're right what the problem is in any case: You can't manipulate a WYSIWYG that is currently within a display: none parent. You have to set the other tab to be active, then insert the changes.

There are about 10,000 fieldgroup module installs and the insert failure is such that people might just think the module doesnt work or they didnt configure it right because very few people know how to read JS consoles, etc.

Is there a generalizable approach maybe that would encapsulate both possibilities? perhaps i can do some research tomorrow. Thx for the response regardless.

Title:Insert action fails across horizontal tabsAdd support for Field Group module tabs
Category:bug» feature
Status:Active» Postponed

I'll accept patches for this functionality, but I'm not going to look into this personally.

Version:7.x-1.x-dev» 7.x-1.3

Just wanted to drop a note of some strange stuff going on with the following...

Insert 7.x-1.3
Field Groups 7.x-1.2
Ckeditor 7.x-1.13 (JS Version 3.6.6)

In Firefox 23.0.1 (worked in chrome) Vertical tabs did not allow me to insert an image when the WYSIWYG editor was enabled (worked fine for a text area) and on a separate tab. If I changed the tab orientation to horizontal everything works fine.