For some reason the view embedding on My Workbench doesn't provide the contextual links that usually go along with Views. Here's a feature request to change that.

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Yep, both views are missing the context menu. This needs to be fixed. Lowering priority and assigning to stevector to work on this when he has some time.

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I suspect this is the culprit.

// Transform the Views into markup.
  // @see views_embed_view()
foreach (element_children($output) as $key) {
    if (isset(
$output[$key]['#view']) && $view = views_get_view($output[$key]['#view'])) {
$output[$key] += array('#markup' => '', '#view_display' => 'default');
$display_id = $output[$key]['#view_display'];
      if (
$view->access($display_id)) {
$output[$key]['#markup'] .= $view->preview($display_id, array());
        if (
$title = $view->get_title()) {
$output[$key]['#title'] = $title;

views_embed_view() doesn't include the contextual links.

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Got the contextual links to work, please test!

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This would all need to be wrapped in an if (module_exists('contextual')) { call, wouldn't it?

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You are quite correct, agentrickard!

Rerolled patch with the module check.

Please test with core Contextual Links module enabled and disabled.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.