I think I found an issue when using Pathauto and Redirect modules.
I configured Pathauto that way : when I edit a node title, the node Pathauto alias is changed and the old alias is deleted.
Redirect module catches the old Pathauto alias and generates a redirect.

Example :
with node/6, old alias is "level2-1" and new pathauto alias is "level2-2".
When I create a new node (example node/9) with title "level2-1", Pathauto creates the alias "level2-1" automatically.
But, the redirect "level2-1" to node/6 still exist.
And, when I go to URL "level2-1", I got node/9 and not node/6 like it should be (the redirect "level2-1" to node/6 is still present).

Did somebody already met this issue ?

There may be two possible solutions :
* Either the redirect "level2-1" to node/6 should be deleted
* Either the new pathauto alias takes into account the existing redirect alias ("level2-1") and generates a derivated alias ("level2-1-0").

Thanks for any idea or solution.


I've run into this issue as well. Looks like we may need hooks one module or the other so that they can talk to each other when necessary as not everyone may have them both installed.

This hasn't hit me but looks like it has the potential to (and be a bit tricky to realize what's happening).

Just a bump... it'd be nice for this to get resolved (or if it has been, close this issue).


there's a proposed fix on redirect module's side, http://drupal.org/node/1288768#comment-6796086