In Genesis Jeff added a customized & more accessible advanced search form in the template.php file genesis_form_search_form_alter().

I'd like to have something like this added to Zen. This should work.

zen-accessible-search-1.patch2.96 KBmgifford


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I'll have to test this out. Thanks! :-)

Okay, Going to test now.. :)


Before and after screenshots would be great too!

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If a module adds or alters the advanced search form, this form_alter would blow away all those modifications because it replaces the entire $form['advanced'] array with its own stuff.

In addition, the search modules floats the .search-advanced .criterion element to achieve a 2 or more column effect. This form_alter breaks that by wrapping each .criterion div in a fieldset. It should instead add the .criterion class to each fieldset.

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I'm guessing that was no April Fools comment back in #6.

@JohnAlbin want to mark this as Won't Fix?

Is there another way around this?

Or are you waiting for a re-roll with the .criterion class added to each fieldset?