Undefined property: stdClass::$views_php_3 in views_php_handler_field->render() (line 223 of /www/html/10/10facts.com.com/sites/all/modules/views_php/plugins/views/views_php_handler_field.inc)

Line 223 has

$value = check_plain($values->{$this->field_alias});

I've even tried deleting that line and it still has that error every time someone accesses a page. I have no idea what this means. Thanks.



When you export a view, what can you look for to see if the view is using Views PHP for anything?

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Small patch to fix this issue. Needs review, but I was getting this error across many different fields, some with extensive use. This seems to fix them all.

Use with care, let me know if it does it for you.

Work for me :)