Just noticed this and have come up with a fix which I've committed.

AF was checking the comment setting in a way that accommodates both nodecomment and Drupal comments, but the access check which decides whether to output a reply link only checks for standard comments permission:

function advanced_forum_get_reply_link($node) {
$reply_link = array();
// Give nodecomment (if installed) first shot at the comment setting
$comment_setting = (empty($node->node_comment)) ? $node->comment : $node->node_comment;
// Anchor to the form is depends on if reply is a node or a comment.
$fragment = (empty($node->node_comment)) ? 'comment-form'  : 'node-form';
  if (
$comment_setting == COMMENT_NODE_READ_WRITE) {
    if (
user_access('post comments')) {
// .. display reply link
    else {
// User does not have access to post replies on this node.
return 'reply-forbidden';

This was resulting in a reply link being output that simply linked to:


...which obviously didn't do anything very useful.


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Patch attached and committed to 6.x-2.x branch.

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fixed typo for syntax highlighting