I'm having this error when editing the user profile:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function ckeditor_load_toolbar_options() in /home/mysite/public_html/sites/all/modules/ckeditor/includes/ckeditor.user.inc on line 37

I am also having other problems when creating new content. The CKEditor only appears when you click in "Switch to plain text editor".

There are also other problems with the site content creation I do not know if related to the CKEditor.

For example: the bar to add address friendly is disabled.

The profile in use is full HTML and the dev version is the last, tha was provided today, 3

Sorry to enter more than one problem in this issue, but they only appeared after the latest updates, so I believe they are related.

Any ideas?

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That sounds like JS problems. I ran into that in a few sites when I updates with the latest dev.

Unusual, but with the latest you need to run the update.php script! Once I did that, these problems disappeared.

Thank you.
Alexis Wilke

Title:ckeditor_load_toolbar_options() error and more[D6] Remove toolbar changing in user profile form
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Yes, this is bug with this toolbar. I forget to remove toolbar changing in user profile... We have toolbar wizard now in CKEditor profile, so i don't think that change toolbar by user is needed now.

Problem with CKEditor appearing could be only problem with CKEditor configuration and using some options in profile - try to remove CKEditor module and clean all options from database (delete all tables with prefix ckeditor_) and then install it again. It should help.

Problems with some fields in form which are disabled/hidden shouldn't be related with CKEditor.


I removed the CKEditor as recommended.

After removal of CKEditor, the forms that was disabled/hidden has been reactivated. It seems strange, but true.

After reinstalling CKEditor, I had difficulty to create the global profile, because after saving the settings, the profile was not created and the settings page of the CKEditor reported that there was no profile, and that therefore no one would be able to use the editor texts.

So I tried to create a user profile, and the problems was repeated.

Thus, I was not able to create a new profile for use the CKEditor.

As I made a backup the tables of CKEditor, I was trying to restore them to the database and I dicovered that during the new installation, the CKEditor was unable to create new tables, so it was unable to save new profiles.

I run the update.php after the new installation.

There is something wrong.

Any ideas?

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The newest version include a new feature that makes use of JavaScript to define toolbars. That's the main problem that I ran into. But I've been creating new websites with that new version and it works for me... I may try to latest 6.x-1.x-dev to see whether something else was introduced that would break the installation.

Now, there is one site where I upgrade from FCKeditor to CKEditor and the update.php did not happen. Instead, it tried to run some special installation code and that did not work right. The toolbars were not properly updated (i.e. the BasicToolbar was still saying BasicToolbar instead of having the corresponding JavaScript code.) I did not notice errors while switching between editors...

Thank you.
Alexis Wilke

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Okay, I ran into this one too.

When I go to My Account + Edit it wants to create a field called ckeditor_toolbar in the user edit form.

That required a call to ckeditor_load_toolbar_options() to get the list of toolbar names.

Now that we use direct JavaScript, that's not possible and I don't have a clean version to replace that feature (which I personally don't care about because I never actually used it anyway... but others may be up to a bit of a surprise)

To fix the problem I simply comment out the offensive code (See patch.)

However, if some admins offered their users to select a different toolbar, chances are that will fail when they go to a page with a ckeditor entry.

Thank you.
Alexis Wilke

@AlexisWilke, I do not know if the other problems that I reported initially occurred to you, but the truth is that I had to disable the CKEditor on the site related to the issue.

Right now, there are some flaws in the code that are impairing the functioning of the site.

More one time, I report that when the module was disabled, any items of forms that were inactive go back to work.

The text editor is lacking, so I would like the developers looked at this issue as well.



The patch I posted here is probably not what the author really intends, but it will fix the problem you reported here (exact same line # in the exact same source file.)

There is one other problem I'm aware of which is the minimal toolbar which is still using the "BasicToolbar" string instead of a JavaScript array. Otherwise, so far it has been working rather nicely for me.

Thank you.
Alexis Wilke

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I commit next fix. Pls try to update to last DEV and than check that all works as u expect...

Really thx for help, finding bugs and report it here with description - it's really helpful.


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Let me tell you what happened when upgrading to the new dev version released on 2011-Oct-08:
- I removed the CKEditor tables in the database;
- The browser cache and cache of the website have been emptied;
- The installation was new;
- The global profile, the default profile and advanced profile returned to the fresh install
- The profiles were configured to meet the needs of users;
- Only advanced users can create new content item and advanced users uses the advanced profile;
- In some areas, the operation of CKEditor seems normal, but when you create a new content item, for example, some forms of the creation page are disabled and the CKEditor is not displayed.

To view the Ckeditor in a page of creation of new content, you need to click "Switch to plain text editor".

Thus, we conclude that there have been improvements, but only in relation to the problems reported to user profiles.

Unfortunately I had to disable CKEditor again.


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This is a new issue, so please, create a new issue instead of hijacking one that got fixed.

Thank you.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Title:[D6] Remove toolbar changing in user profile form[D6] Call to undefined function ckeditor_load_toolbar_options()