The subject says it all.

  1. Create a webform with a file upload component
  2. Submit the form specifying a file to be uploaded
  3. Go to the submission to confirm the file is there
  4. Delete the submission
  5. Watch the file being kept on the webform files directory


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I can't confirm this problem on either Drupal 6 or Drupal 7. Both properly delete a file when the submission is deleted. Do you have any other webform-related modules installed?

This is the code that does the deletion, looks like it's working properly:

* Implements _webform_delete_component().
function _webform_delete_file($component, $value) {
  // Delete an individual submission file.
  if (!empty($value[0]) && ($file = webform_get_file($value[0]))) {
    db_query("DELETE FROM {files} WHERE fid = '%d'", $file->fid);

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I've got the same problem in 7.x-3.15.

The delete file function below definitely being called when the submission is deleted:

function _webform_delete_file($component, $value) {
  // Delete an individual submission file.
  if (!empty($value[0]) && ($file = webform_get_file($value[0]))) {

However, file_delete() uses file_usage_list() to check if the file is in use, if it is then an array is returned and the file is not deleted.

In my test case file_delete() is returning

[webform] => Array
            [submission] => Array
                    [8] => 1

and the file is not deleted.

If my observation is correct I think there two solutions - bludgeon file_delete() into deleting the file by using the $force parameter or get webform to release the file before calling file delete.

btw, I'm very much liking the Ajax file upload in the latest dev version.

Version:6.x-3.14» 7.x-4.0-alpha2
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It's the same problem with 7.x-4.0-alpha2.
Uploaded files doesnt gets deleted when deleting the submission. I have tested both with public and private files.
(The files arent used anywhere else then in just that submission).

Thanks guys, I think you're correct. Ever since we switched to using the managed_file element we haven't been removing records from the file_usage table, and therefor files aren't getting deleted. :(

Fortunately we can clean up our records with an update hook and clean up all the ones that have been lingering.

Version:7.x-4.0-alpha2» 7.x-4.x-dev
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The attached patch adds a call to file_usage_delete() so that uploaded files get deleted when their submission is deleted or results are cleared. This does not clean-up files left over from submissions already deleted.

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The attached patch creates an update hook to clean up files left over from submissions that have been deleted. This patch must be applied along with the patch in #6.

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Thanks Liam! This patch needs to be applied to 3.x also, so I applied this backport also. Committed.

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