I have been working on my Drupal site for quite sometime now. I started working on a Mac while testing everything in Safari and Firefox.. I am about launch and for some strange reason the style.css file will not load in Internet Explorer for the PC. I have been beating my head against the wall trying to figure it out. I have the files named correctly and everything! The drupal.css is loading just not style.css. Has anyone had the same problem and if so...how do I fix it? The link to the site is


Any help would very well appreciated.



I'm on a PC here Scott and can test it for you...just wondering what theme are you using?


I am using a custom theme called gumbo...the stylesheet I am using is inside that DIR. I added the code you gave me in the head and it still does not want to load. I am so tired of IE!!!!

I was merely pasting the line into the post.

What I meant by including the full path...is as follows..before the filename style.css type in the path..i.e.

Current link to the style sheet:


Change it to something like this:

<LINK REL="STYLESHEET" TYPE="TEXT/CSS" HREF="/themes/gumbo/style.css">

Do you know what I mean?


I'm using Windows .NET on a PC with Internet explorer version 6.0

I think the problem lies with the very last line of your header..i.e.


It maybe loading from your cache while you are testing it on your mac. Try inserting the full path the the style.css in the last line (see above) and I can test it again for you.


By the way.. I noticed this at the end of your links:



I think you can only have one .css file active at a time unless they are being used to define different media, i.e.,

‹link rel=stylesheet href="basic.css"›
‹link rel=stylesheet href="print.css" media="print"›

I have even tried to link to /themes/gumbo/ie_styles.css"

and that didn't even work...I can't imagine what I am doing wrong!



Just noticed that you have a DIV tag in your HEADER...

Remove the following from your header:

<div align="left">



That maybe whats causing the problem


Please note that you are missing a few crucial lines in your header...

Time now is 22:!2 (GMT)...

ur header is missing the baseref line and the line that loads the default drupal.css style sheet.

When I said to remove the DIV and /DIV tags...I meant just the tags..not everything in between them as well..


Jason...thanks for your help. What would be the correct header? I think it is the base HREF...how would I replace that?

The one you just uploaded looks fine..although...one quick question..did you upload both the gumbo style.css and the ie_style.css in ASCII..?

I just had a quick look at them and they look strange...

Try uploading them again (and your drupal.css in the /misc/ folder ) and make sure they are in ASCII format


Hey Jason...thanks for your help... I need to step away for a minute to take a break...I do not understand...it works great in PC and Mac Firefox...it loads fine in OS X Internet Explorer...but of course it does not in IE PC 6 of course...thanks a lot Mr. Gates...please let me know if you see anything else. Again thanks for your help.


OKay..pity I couldn't help sort it for you...am not an expert by the way...

Have setup an account for your webpage at broswercam...click below to see screenshots of your site in a few internet explorer types..


By the way your site looks fantastic when it loads the style sheet....nice design.


you can have mulitple stylesheets as long as the theme you are using has calls them.

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What I should have said - you can use multiple style sheets but if you have conflicting definitions, the last one called will rule.

When I so much as go near the .css files it will say they dont exist! I need this sorted soon, can I get any help???

Maybe the reason is, because Internet Explorer doesn't support dynamic arguments for js and css files.
Try to change your css files like this:

link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="/sites/all/themes/custom/polaczkowo/style.css?4"

To static one:
link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" media="all" href="/sites/all/themes/custom/polaczkowo/style.css"

without "?4".
I'm looking for solution how to fix that permanently as well.

#358880: Style Sheets (CSS) files with dynamic arguments are not loaded under IE 6 & 7