It's not a bug. It's a feature missing, which some of you came up with and what seems to be in need more and more. I would like to open this issue collecting ideas for that to target on a soon implementation for D6 and D7. The magic word is "punycode" and makes me comin' up with thinking about an extra widget on this.

Read here on issues related to this need:
#1227998: error with punycode
#495834: Allow Internationalized domain names (new link to the discussion below)
#1319214: Non-ASCII characters in URL not valid

and here what "punycode" is (if you don't already know):


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third link

Title:General issue / discussion about link module handling punycode (Internationalization)Gathered: Internationalized domain names (punycode)
Project:Drupal core» Link


Anything yet :D ? We are now allowed to use ä,ö,ü,õ in domainnames and people do so, it is needed for links.



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reflecting the communities interest, I set it to minor

Priority:Minor» Normal

I guess all are waiting for a re-usable D8 core implementation...

hass, well as you can see, it was me opening the issue and mentioning it on the project page, but ... then please fill the issue with thoughts and code or ideas, otherwise it calls for unnessesary attention to those here, who try to fix important issues over night.

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This should be in core before feature freeze

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Feature freeze has passed quite some time ago :(

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@amateescu That was a task, now it's a bug!
The core should handle internationalized domains because they are exists yet