We are working on a standard theme for NodeStream that uses HTML 5 and is built on top of a responsive grid. The idea is that this theme should be the standard theme for NodeStream.

Work is going on in this sandbox: http://drupal.org/sandbox/Haugen/1302252


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Im assigning this to me, and I will try to get things structured together with the other maintainers of Lucid.

Why not just use an already working HTML 5 base theme instead of reinventing the wheel? I'm thinking of Omega, it's already here and works perfectly.

We are not really looking into adding a new base theme, we are working on a theme that will be used as a replacement for Bartik when you install a clean version of NodeStream. Adding Omega as a base theme would be a separate issue.

Why not creating such a theme as a sub-theme of a base theme which is already here and with an already solid community? This way it would be much easier to tweak/customize such a theme. Less work for you, no need to learn how yet another theme works for users. Don't you reckon?

We are actually trying to move away from using base themes at all. Lucid will work as a start out point when building a new theme, and will be customized to work well with Panels, Panels Everywhere and NodeStream in general. It will also provide a nice default look of all elements of a Drupal site, i.e tables, forms and tabs. The idea is then to not use Lucid as a base theme, but rather to start off with a solid ground and then build on top of that, in the same theme.

While this will take some time right now, we believe that this approach will save us time in the future while building sites with NodeStream. If people don't like this approach they are free to disable Lucid, and instead use for example Omega as their base theme.

The approval process is now going on over at #1346282: Lucid

Work is going on in the 1320608-add-lucid branch.

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I think we should be good to go. Just clone the 1320608-add-lucid branch and run drush make.

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We separated all products from core, so the stuff is outdated.

The branch is synced and we are up and running again on that.

Issue tags:-beta blocker

After playing around with this for a while, I realize that this is a very big task. If we would be using Lucid as the default theme on new NodeStream installation, it needs to have a good looking default graphical profile, which it currently doesn't. As I see it we can either include lucid without doing anything with it, or not include it at all, if we are going to get this into the NodeStream release.

I will remove the beta blocker tag for now.