I tested in other themes including A/T core, Bartik, and Zen and panels pages show node titles. In Corolla and Footheme, they do not. I am not sure where to look.

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Wow, bummer, I need to fix that, is this Panel Pages and/or Panel Nodes?

It is a node template.

Node template? Have you edited something, or do you mean Panel Node? Please be precise, otherwise I can't know what to debug. Sorry but we have to get the jargon right.

I could use the regular node display manager for of the node type to limit it to only the node title, expose the whole node in a panel, and then display the associated group content views using panels, but fixing the bug would let me use the panel title controller.


Node template
The node page wizard can help you override the node page for a type of node.

It is controlled at admin/structure/pages/edit/node_view

Technically its not a bug, its a feature, lol, but it should work with Panels, at least I will try ;)

Oh, one more thing - the title of this issue is Panel Page do not show title etc, so is this node template being displayed inside a Panel Page, is that right?

Clearly I need to get up to speed with Panels, my memory is not good!

Node Template

When enabled, this overrides the default Drupal behavior for displaying nodes at node/%node. If you add variants, you may use selection criteria such as node type or language or user access to provide different views of nodes. If no variant is selected, the default Drupal node view will be used. This page only affects nodes viewed as pages, it will not affect nodes viewed in lists or at other locations. Also please note that if you are using pathauto, aliases may make a node to be somewhere else, but as far as Drupal is concerned, they are still at node/%node.

I am using selection criteria of content type and whether the content type is a group.
I am testing other page types to see if the issue title is accurate.

OK, I set this up and the title is showing, I have Title Type: Pane Content set.

Maybe if you can do an export and attach it here so I can see your full configuration.

new8.08 KB

The options I have are: Manually set (can take arguments), From Node, and No Title. None of them show the title in corolla. I've attached an export of the settings here. It may have something to do with the relationship, "OG group from node" in the Contexts tab.

I have the same problem on another site using AT Commerce. When I create a Panels Node Template variant, the Title does not display. It does when I switch back to Bartik, changing nothing.

Issue tags:+Adaptivetheme+Panels

tagging to help me track issues with Panels and this is the next big module to tackle.

Hi, I have exactly the same with a completely different theme. I am amature, so build a theme with Artisteer.
Als node title displaying fine as it is part of a view, but the manually panels title is not displayed.
This behaviour is only with the node panel template, and only with variants...
May be something bigger on error please?


Subscribing. Just encountered this using Corolla.

Version:7.x-2.2» 7.x-2.x-dev

Right... timely bump, I still need to look at this.

Great! FWIW, while I was trying to understand this issue I ran across the same problem using:

Display Suite + Corolla
Panels + Sky

Thanks for your great themes!

Like Brian Mackinney #9, none of my title options show a title, either.

I'm using AT + Sky+ Footheme subtheme + Panels.

Thank you!

Update: I am able to use Title: From Pane, actually. But that's the only one that works.


Still having the issue with AT + Sky + Panels. I am not able to display the Title via any of the 3 methods. :-(


This is a hack but it'll working for me until the theme gets properly patched.

I changed line 46 of sky/templates/page.tpl.php from

if ($title && !isset($node)):


if ($title && (!isset($node) || page_manager_get_current_page())):


Still an issue, only annoying flaw ive found so far in an otherwise great theme!

this issue is still active. i'm using at-commerce and panelizer.
hack #18 works, thank you, mickey ^^