It would be nice for theming if there were CSS classes on the pause button that indicate the current active state (playing or paused). This would be handy if the buttons are themed with play/pause images.


Title:Provide CSS classes for pause button that toggle on clickProvide CSS classes to indicate the status of the pause button
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This simple patch adds the class 'playing' or 'paused' to the button. My javascript-fu is not exactly stellar, so I'd be glad if someone could give it a look.

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#1353994: Add "paused" class to controls for theming marked as duplicate of this issue.

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Tested and the code looks fine.

I can also verify that this works. I'd love to see this in dev.

Worked for me too. Thanks.

Patch works for me. Would be good to see this in the release.

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Appears there's a fix for this in the current dev using classes "views-slideshow-controls-text-status-pause" and "views-slideshow-controls-text-status-play".

Version:7.x-3.x-dev» 7.x-3.0

I see this is working on the Dev side, but I was wondering if there was a possibility that this code could get pushed out to the production trac.