First of all, excuse my English.

If Taxonomy Image integration is on, then one more column (sixth) is added to the forum table, but number of columns in the table header remains the same (five). Because of it all captions shifted to wrong column. You can see results on attached screenshots.


Hmm... I'm pretty sure this was fixed at one point. I remember the patch. Don't have time to test to see if it got reverted somehow, though.


I think this is probably the issue / patch you're thinking of Michelle: #1015118: naked style colspan bug with taxonomy_image module enabled

...however it looks like has changed a bit since then.

I'll have a proper look when I'm on my dev machine.

Yeah, that's the one I'm thinking of.


RedRat, could you try this patch please?

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I have tried patch from #4 and it works fine. Just a little suggestion for it:

<th class="forum-icon"<?php if ($use_taxonomy_image) print ' colspan="2"'; ?>>

BTW, is taxonomy icons have to be added to original forum icons, or have to replace them? Now I see two icons for every forum, one from original forum theme and another from taxonomy.

Thanks for testing RedRat, and yes your suggestion looks like it would work fine - I was trying to stay consistent with the code which does something similar a few lines further down in the same file.

I'll get the fix committed shortly.

As for removing the default icons, there are a few support requests about that in the queue - try searching for 'taxonomy image'.

e.g. #1221444: How to change category pictures like Coulee Region forums

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