When has no tabs on the page then an empty <div> goes to output. Like this: <div class="tabs clearfix"></div>
Because the $tabs variable in the region--content.tpl.php file is an array. Like this:

    [#theme] => menu_local_tasks
    [#primary] =>
    [#secondary] =>

This check is not enough:
if ($tabs) :

This is better:
if ($tabs && !empty($tabs['#primary']) :
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Agreed. I just spent a good bit of time debugging some extra space in IE7 that ended up being because of this empty $tabs div.

Marked #1385770: Tabs Wrapper printed even if tabs is empty as duplicate of this issue.

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Had this issue also some times...

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ah IE7 how we love you so... :)

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Comitted to 7.x-3.x

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