I would like to inverse the layout of the price chart formatter so that the table looks like the following:

Quantity Price
1-5 $5
6-10 $4

Is this something that can be themed or does it require another formatter? Any assistance would be much appreciated.



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Nice request!

Yeah, we could totally provide two field formatters for the price table, one horizontal (current one) and other vertical (your suggestion), it would just be a new formatter in the module with a different theme table approach.

It'd be great if you could provide a patch for this :)


Instead of a new formatter, what if a check box is added on the formatter settings form to select between horizontal and vertical layout?

That would be good too, but then you should make sure you set the formatter options correctly so they're displayed in views too.

Hi, I would love this feature to choose the horizontal and vertical layout option.
any progression ?

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Patch attached that adds an option to the display formatter allowing users to choose between horizontal (default) and vertical orientation.

Partial screenshot of the price table in a view:

New setting:

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Looks great! thanks as always mr.baileys :)

I'll test it soon!

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And committed


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