If I use Advanced Aggregation, do I need to disable Drupals "Optimize JavaScript files" and "Optimize CSS files" on admin/settings/performance?


Yes you do!

“With this module installed / active, you will be able to change the standard CSS/JS aggregation settings at admin/settings/performance page to disable them (it is a required step!), as they are no longer hardcoded by default if the AdvAgg module(s) exists”

Once you have installed AdvAgg and enabled the following advagg modules:

-AdvAgg Compress CSS
-AdvAgg Compress Javascript
-Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation

…in admin/settings/performance, the Druapl ‘Optimize CSS files’ and ‘Optimize JavaScript’ files are already automatically disabled!

Thanks for the reply, but I also use "CSS Embedded Images" module and on the module page it says:

This processing is only done when Drupal's CSS optimization feature is enabled under Administer > Site configuration > Performance.

So if I disable "Optimize CSS files" - "CSS Embedded Images" module won't work?

CSS Embedded Images module will work if you've applied the latest patch or use the fork (same code)

The fork above doesn't have the module code. I'll try the "latest patch".

The latest code patch for 'CSS Embedded Images' works fine in this case [advagg].
Have been using it for some time = 'no issues'

Version:6.x-1.6» 6.x-1.9
Category:support» bug

I have start using the module on three separate sites. Optimize CSS files’ and ‘Optimize JavaScript’ files was not disabled automatically on any site.

Note I'm using Pressflow.