I've just installed the apps module, but there is no link anywhere in the backend (at least not in my installation).


It should be in the main menu, the same place as appearance, modules, configuration etc

It is not - and I have run cron several times.

Looking through the code, it seems that it might be that I have no available servers. But where do you set that?

I used the dev-version and tried adding a server by the github.com/levelten/levelten_apps, but no apps are showing up (and the link only shows when I enable development apps).

I also tried going to the admin/apps/levelten --> but that results in an error in drupal_goto() saying the second parameter should be an array not a string.

yes sorry

just realized you need to implement hook apps_servers_info() for the hooks to get put in place.

Status:Active» Closed (cannot reproduce)

Seems that there was an error in the levelten_apps with the link in their github-version. Installed it from the tar instead and everything worked. Cannot wait trying to create my own apps :)