How can I display a table with borders?
Also It does not work the Counter Field


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Question with "width" resolved.

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I have the same problem, any help !

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same problem here any help please.
and also if some some can help on following:
1.table with borders
2. setting font size in the rows, currenly only we can set header
3 setting column width
4. if in unformatted setting, how to display multivalue fields -currenly, if it is multivalue field displaying one over the other
please have look at the attached pdf

PS: please clarify if we are styling it with positions, does this means that we cannot generate a dynamic page with multiple values? always same fields and what if user adds more values for the fields ?

Hello kaizerking,
I have a temporaly way to add border is
Format>settings> render settings> in PHP Code Before Output ,
You set $border = 1; the same way for other fields, You will get the border.

Setting font size in the rows
Format>settings> Text setting> font size

I don't know how to set width of column.

I have this problem with label, when i check the option 'Create the label', i also have the label in the content (like the pdf file include) Can you help me to fix it. Thanks

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This is file PDF

I am using field collection module which is an entity in it self, So when i am generating a view,views pdf identifies as content type and the label is the same time it wont recognize the fields inside the field collection item, that is the reason i am not able to set the format values to the rows and fonts. if i assign any value the will only apply to the label and not the rest of the content
I think the maintainer should consider this, now in D 7- entity , entity reference, bundle are used extensively
For you perhaps if you know coding, you can visit TCPDF and read and see how you could solve your problem, I am not coder

@kaizerking #5
Maybe you have to edit your view and use the fields inside the field collection with a relation...

@nguyentran #3
I think the actual DEV Version will fix your Problem, have a look to this issue

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Thank you Drupaldise, the patch work well.
I need your advices for this. I have read a lot on these issues, but i can not find out how to create the table, and how to put the code into the 'Render settings' (the way to use the variables and TCPDF API), i read the examples from but it not suitable for code in 'Render settings'.
Thanks for helping.

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Hi, i am using variable $border =1; but it not work as demand (see my included file)

Title:PDF tableDisplay borders on PDF table

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hey can some one give me the solution for the border problem.. i see this is deviating from border related problem to field label related problem. #5 solution gives me border to the label but thats not exact solution i suppose.

thank you in advance.

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if you use css, you can assign borders to the table (tested on dev)

Confirming #13

Assign a css file in the pdf settings and add

th, td {
  border: 1pt solid #000;

Now how do I get cell padding?

I set a td class = "description" and tried to add css padding, but no joy.

I can only apply padding to whole table, it seems:

table {
  padding: 2pt;

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$border = 1; doesn't work to set border for table.
Also CSS file is not getting called, i tried with sites/all/themes.. in CSS url.
No luck!

Please help.

with full path ??

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Hi everyone,

In my case "$border = 1;" works for table format, but the cells height is different, depends on how much content is in it.

I tried to apply css file but it doesn't work...

Any ideas how I can set the same height per table row ?

"$border = 1;" is not working for me. Whenever I put it into the php code before output, it will just over write my field with the actual text of $border=1; and not apply the border. If i use php tag then the whole field goes blank and there is no border. Am I doing something wrong? Do you just put "$border = 1;" inside PHP Code Before Output under body style?