Using ckeditor module 6.x-1.8 with ckeditor 3.6.2.
I've added a field to the Global Profile as an Excluded field but for some reason it doesn't work. Here's an example of the specific field I'm having a problem with:
CKEditor: the ID for excluding or including this element is giordani:admin/build/views/ajax/display/unanswered_questions/default/header.edit-header

I want it to exclude any view and display's header text, so I added it as thus:

It doesn't work though. I tried pasting in the exact field name without the wildcards, but that doesn't work either. However, the Global Profile Exclude works for other fields, outside of Views. I'm using Views 6.x-2.16


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Please try use admin/build/views/* setting. It should be set after install (this is default CKEditor's module setting). This should stop CKEditor showing on all views fields.
You can also try giordani:admin/build/views/ajax/display/unanswered_questions/default/.header.edit-header
Please write if this helps or not.

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Nope, it still loads when I use admin/build/views/*
doesn't work either.

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Please try latest DEV version and check if the problem exists there.

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I tried it with the latest Dev version and got the same results -- it loads despite being told to exclude.

Ok we will try to check this. Is there a possibility to get access to you site ? In this way it will be easier/faster to check. You can send me necessary data in mail. Of course there is no problem if you can give me access to your site . Please be patient.

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I checked this at @jlea9378 site and there is bug with path sended to CKEditors get_settings function. It needs improvements.

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I committed changes to GIT (click here to see the diff)
Please use latest DEV and write if it helps or not.

I tried the fix on my website where I can't get the exclusion rule working properly on the contact forms.

Did not help. Applied change by hand like a patch, uploaded to ftp, flushed Drupal cache, verified rule was in place, CKEditor toolbar still appeared.

Using CKEditor 3.6.2 and the Drupal mod CKEditor 6.x-1.8

last fix was for support Views module. So it can't help with issues with others forms.
Please search or create ticket with your issue.

@Jazzepi, first of all pls try to update to last DEV version and then check does it work or not.


I was having th same problem.
The latest dev version fixes it. Thank you

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