I have a bug with CKeditor on Google Chrome and Safari. Maybe it is only a configuration problem, but I found nothing about it.

Admin users can use CKeditor without problem. With Authentified users, the text doesnt show up in ckeditor. This bug appears only on Chrome and Safari. WIth Firefox, everything works fine for the authentified users.

Is it a problem from the module ?
Or am I doing something wrong ?

Thanks for advices !


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Do u have any JavaScript errors in chrome/safari?

I dont see any errors on Google Chrome Console... Kind of weird

Please check latest DEV version. Write if this helps or not in your case.

I've got a similar problem, albeit for all users, not just authenticated. When I go to edit existing text in Chrome or Safari (mac versions) I can see the ckeditor toolbars but no text appears in the edit box. It appears ok and can be edited in Firefox. If I switch the ckeditor module off then the raw text with html codes etc appears in all browsers edit boxes.

I'm using the latest dev version of ckeditor and the 3.6.2 version of the editor itself.

@mcmahos > your explanation is much more precise than mine. Thank you for your feedback.

@mcmahos & @filnug you have this problem only in MAC or in Windows too ?

@michal_cksource > on MAC. I didnt tested it on Windows...

same problem in windows 7...

At one site I have this same problem. Page content is not showing up in Chrome, but does in FF and IE. At another sites all works fine with all browsers???

Both sites are Drupal 7, all modules and core are up to date and with Zen subtheme and maintenance overlay. But even when switching to Garland theme without overlay, the problem stays.

When I noticed this problem in Chrome, I switched to FF. At first I had the same problem. I disabled CKeditor module and enabled it again. After that the problem was gone in FF, but stayed in Chrome.

If I can help by providing extra information, please let me know.

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Same problem here, 2 sites with identical config, one with a basic zen subtheme as base theme, the other custom made theme. Tried js debugging, but don't know enough about the ckeditor code to do so. I tried some older versions, but problem persists, so it probably is a config or module problem. I also tried by switching themes on the non-working sites, problem persists even then.

If you need further info, I'd be happy to give more, but I am unsure which info I could provide, so please notify here or message me.

When I try to edit in Safari, the html code is visible, and the text does not appear formatted.

Previously I had been using the WYSIWYG module http://drupal.org/project/wysiwyg and when using CKEditor library in Safari, a message would popup stating Safari is not supported, so I figure it is a known issue with CKEditor.

I'm having the same problem, but oddly, it's just the body (style=normal) text that does not appear in the editor window. My other font styles (ex: heading 1, 2, etc.) appear no problem. It's just the normal body text that is invisible.
If I switch to plain text, the text appears and is editable. Also, if I edit in html it works just fine and the page loads with text visible.

Perhaps there's something wrong with loading the css style sheet, such that it's incompatible with the ckeditor? Any help would be awesome!

subscribe ... I'm having this problem on site maintenance page since I updated to most recent module

I had this problem in December last year (see #9). And then the problem was gone ... ?
Perhaps after an automated update of Chrome? My recent Chrome version is 18.0.1025.168.

In my case the browser is Firefox.

which version of CKEditor module and CKEditor library do you use ?
Which version of Firefox ?

Firefox 12.0
But now that I think about it my problem is with CKeditor 6.x so I should not have my comments to this thread. But just in case it is useful for others it is 6.x-1.11 with the March 2011 version of the CKeditor library (not sure how to find version info.)

@Patricia_W ,
please create new topic with your issue. You have problems in FF and drupal 6.x version. This issue is about drupal 7.x and Chrome + Safari.
You can check version of CKEditor library in status report page.

Hi McMahos

Did u get anything on this error. I'm also going through same error, nowhere i found result for this.

I also get error in the Drupal LOG, after this changes at line 85 in "ckeditor.inc", the error changes to look like the visitor is doing a "empty" search each time the klick on a link or getting to site by Google etc. In log, before it was a error message.

/*      return $version[1] . '.' . $version[2]; */
  return $version[1];

any news how to fix this?
it still happens.
i'm using the latest stable version and ckeditor 4.1

when i enter to edit a node in chrome, i can see the buttons of the ckeditor but i do not see any text, then if i'm changing the text format the text is shown.

no error on the console.

^o^ CKEditor don't like chrome and safari ^o^

Using Drupal 7.22, CKEditor Full 4.11, Debian 6.0.6

On chrome, every time click "edit", all the content gone missing.

No problem on firefox.