I'm not sure if it's related to Panels or if it's because there aren't any other node links, but this line:

->content['links']['node']['#links'] = array_merge($node->content['links']['node']['#links'], $links);

is looking for a sub array "node" which doesn't exist. The #links array is in


I've included a snapshot of the node object to review. I can supply a patch, but I don't know if this issue is specifically with Panels, and if so, how to detect Panels to fix it.


I am seeing this error along with another one related when showing nodes associated with an OG group through panel:

Notice: Undefined index: node in _service_links_link() (line 191 of /home/biydng/public_html/sites/all/modules/service_links/service_links.module).
Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #1 is not an array in _service_links_link() (line 191 of /home/biydng/public_html/sites/all/modules/service_links/service_links.module).

Did you fix your error?

no the other patch does not solve this issue

What about the last version (it seems one of the last patches fixed an undefined issue)?

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I'll give it a go this week.

I'm still getting this issue on the current 7.x-2.x-dev version. Any chance it could be checked again?

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Depending on what exaclty calls hook_node_view, $node->content['links']['node']['#links'] in _service_links_link() might or might not exist.

I'm using panels and displaying a field in a pane. Here's the backtrace:

#0 path_to_drupal\sites\all\modules\contrib\service_links\service_links.module(146): _service_links_link(Object(stdClass), 'full')
#1 [internal function]: service_links_node_view(Object(stdClass), 'full', 'en')
#2 path_to_drupal\includes\module.inc(895): call_user_func_array('service_links_n...', Array)
#3 path_to_drupal\sites\all\modules\contrib\ctools\plugins\content_types\entity_context\entity_field_extra.inc(105): module_invoke_all('node_view', Object(stdClass)

see: ctools_entity_field_extra_content_type_render

Maybe you could check if $node->content['links']['node']['#links'] is set before using array_merge or use a foreach loop.

I'm getting this error too, using Panopoly (panels). The given patch works for me.

Could I have one more review before committing it?