I use yours module views_slideshow and I thank you for yours works.
I use jQuery Cycle plugin, and I set that there's 3 element on one slide
I've a problem when I enable Hide controls if there is only one slide, the controls disappear everytime.
I've crete a patch to resolve this problem. I hope that it's usefull


I have the same issue. I have the slideshow set to show 3 images on a slide, and in my test case there are 9 images total. If I set the option to hide the controls if there is only one slide, the controls are not output to the html, ever.

I believe the behavior in my case should be that there are controls output if there are more than 3 images in the collection (since the slide displays three at a time) and here should be no controls if there are 3 or fewer images.

Update: I used the patch above and it all works as it should now. Thanks ts145nera.

This really should be added to the module.

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Version:7.x-3.x-dev» 7.x-3.0
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Version:7.x-3.0» 7.x-3.x-dev
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Patch in #5 RTBC.

This patch needs to be rerolled (new patch following)

Rerolled on the last dev version.
Please commit :)

Version:7.x-3.0» 7.x-3.x-dev
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Thanks a lot to barraponto, DuaelFr, mogtofu33, ts145nera and everyone else for the great work on the patches, testing, reviews and reporting.

It's more time this got committed and I went ahead and had this rolled at:
7.x-3.x: 54b815f
Marking this as fixed.

Please let me know if you would have any other questions, comments, issues or concerns on any of these changes, I would be glad to provide more information.
Thanks again to everyone for the help and great work on this issue.

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