Can't seem to check out 7.x branch form git, normally I can check out the project then switch branches, but for some reason I don't have that option with this repo.


Title:Can't check out 7.x from gutCan't check out 7.x from git

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I just checked out 7.x an hour ago. No problems using
git clone --branch master

Can you give me the git commands you use so i can try and reproduce this issue?

I was confused too, but now I think I understand what's going on:

1. Dev branches don't have tags, which is the normal way to check out a specific version of a module. See the Creating a branch or tag in Git doc page.
2. the 7.x branch is master here, which isn't necessarily true of other modules. No idea which is correct, but some modules (conditional fields, for example) have a remote 7-x branch and a master branch.

Title:Can't check out 7.x from gitRename git "Master" branch to "7.x-1.x-dev"
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More info:

Drupal/git standards currently say that all projects should rename their master branches to the actual dev branch (#1076616: Projects should have "master" renamed to appropriate branch). Aside from being the standard, git_deploy adds the version to the .info file based on tag or branch name when you check out modules through git, which is the only (non-manual) way to get the right version in there for updates and dependencies.

I am guessing this will solve dereckd's problem -- if not and I hijacked this thread, let me know and I'll open a new issue.

Title:Rename git "Master" branch to "7.x-1.x-dev"Rename git "Master" branch to "7.x-1.x"

My mistake, should be "7.x-1.x", because it's a branch not a tag "-dev" is implied.

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More info on:

Setting to 'needs work' since i don't have all the permissions to actually do this.

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I've created a new 7.x-1.x branch and emptied the master branch as described in

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.