Im using profile 2,
I want to include profile 2 field into Webform email.
I have tried these method:
1. Add %profile[field_pro2_ref] into email
2. Create new hidden component, with %profile[field_pro2_ref] as default values.
But both shows empty result on the email sent.



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If you're using Drupal 7, install the Entity API module and enable Entity API and Entity tokens.

Now you'll see the profile tokens under "Users". Your token could look something like [user:profile-main:field_full_name].

It works, Thanks!

Hi Shadowhitman and fizk,

How were you able to use the token in the webform? I am trying to use one as a default value for "first name," and the value for that on my tokens list is "[current-user:field_first_name]" -- (though I could use [profile2:user:field_first_name] )

Do I need to put anything other than [current-user:field_first_name]? It doesn't seem to be working that way, also tried preceding it with %, %token, %profile, %user, nothing seems to be working.

Are you using Webform 3.x or 4.x?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks :)

Are you using Webform 3.x or 4.x?

The module we are using is not webform, but a fork of it, called webform patched.