If youtube video address has "feature=player_embedded&" in it, video does not displays. Example:



And here comes the fix!


Where do you get an URL like that?

I agree that this is a common issue with content editors. YouTube videos are often grabbed from videos embedded on other sites, and when you click the link within the embed, it attaches a "filtered" query to the video.

+1 on fixing.

@mr.alinaki - nice one song :D

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I'm in favor of fixing it, but the regexp in #1 doesn't work.

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What about this?


This would match any valid query string containing v=whatever. That way you don't have to know all the valid variables (or account for new ones when they're added to the API in the future). It breaks down like this:

  • youtube.com/watch?
  • zero or more sets of var=val&
  • v=whatever
  • zero or more sets of &var=val

This is a very common use case.

I tried adding the regex from #1 and #6 into new lines within video_filter.codecs.inc, and also tried replacing line with it.

It didn't work though. The URL that I'm trying to get to work is



More robust and matches the above cases.

Typo, it should read:


OK, I just ran into this URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=g-all-esi&v=Ln5K3_8Cxrc

So the regex should read:


My list two cents for now :-)

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The regexs listed before likely weren't working with WYSIWYGs as the "&" is converted to "&"

Updated the regex from #10 to:


Adds the optional detection of (?:amp;)

Things are working well for us now.

Patch attached.

Title:Youtube and "featured"YouTube embeds not working properly when "featured" is in the query string
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