I'm using 5.x-1.0 version and there seems to be bug with the acceptable image formats. I have specifically set the image formats to "jpg JPG gif Gif png PNG" in "Administer>>Site Configuration>> Image Import" and when I try to create an image content I get the message "Uploaded file is not a valid image. Only JPG, PNG and GIF files are allowed."
Just to inform you, the module has been working just fine until today and i just can't seem to understand what is wrong. I need your help in solving this thanks.


I wanna bet that you tried uploading a gif file, right?

No I tried a jpg file.

Hey guys I know that you are very busy and I know that you're doing this voluntarily but I really need your help. I tried uninstalling and installing a fresh copy of the module but I the problem is still there. What could be the reason? It was working a few days ago.

First of all, a little more patience is very appreciated here. So, calm down and do it now!

Try contacting your host, maybe they did an up/downgrade of your server regarding GD 2 or imagemagick (depends on what toolkit your using).

Sorry Stefan but I'm really calm. For the moment the one on my web server is doing fine it's working. However it's the one on my local machines, thank you for mentioning the GD 2 libraries. I read somewhere that is not really stable and it might cause some problems every now and then. I didn't touch anything on my XAMPP bundle but I believe it must be my computer and do you know where I can find some info on GD 2 (I don't think I have imagemagick).

try updating to -dev. you'll notice that image_import is much nicer and only displays images it can import.

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actually i just created a 5.x-1.1 release, try that out.

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Well well well, it's drewish to the rescue again thanks man, I changed the image module just like you said and it worked just fine. thanks again for bailing me out I was, in a way, contemplating drupal-suicide. Anyways it looks like the new version is working well and i'm going to start a new issue now namely "changing the look of the default image gallery layout".


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