Facebook uses:
meta property="fb:..." ...
meta property="og:.." ...

And not:
meta name="fb:..." ...
meta name="og:.." ...

is possible to add support to change "name" with "property"?

#5 1408782-5-open_graph_support.patch2.97 KBstella


This can be achieved with field formatters (another request to add different formatter see at #1229822: Support link tags)
FB tags support is not in my priorities list, but patches are always welcome!

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You might want to check out: http://drupal.org/project/opengraph_meta

Adds Facebook Metatags while still totally compatible with Meta Tags Quick.

Yes, but that module doesn't support landing pages, i.e. path based metatags for things like panel pages or views. It only supports node pages.

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The attached patch adds in support for Open Graph and Twitter Card meta tags, and any other that have "property=" rather than "name=". It adds an extra setting to the meta field settings configuration, and defaults to 'name'. Just set to 'property' for open graph and twitter card tags.

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