Hi, I need to create tables with borders on this site that I am building. It won't work thou. In the body field it looks as it should, when I'm using ckeditor, but in the preview the border shows at the sides, between rows but not at the top or bottom. If I change code from table data to table header the borders shows except at the bottom of the table. When I change to Bartik with the same code everything works perfect, both with table data and table header. I have used both ckeditor and without any editor at all, same result. I would like to use tables with borders on this site I am building so..... if you have a solution to this I would be very thankful.


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Do you have this online, can I look at it please.

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Yeah, I see the problem with the borders, gee I don't know how that crept in, must have been a silly mistake at some stage. This theme used to have really nicely styled tables, looks like I need to redo them.

I'm updating my own website now and I'm using Adaptive Themes and AT Commerce.
The same problem with tables as with Pixture Reloaded. I'm using a gray background here to show you that the border shows in black and white for some reason. Here's the link http://webshop.al-tec.fi/node/30 if you want to take a look. I updated both themes today but the tables shows the same.

Any ETA on getting this corrected? Or a work around in CSS? I am open to suggestions.