I'm trying to use "Computed Fields" for a content type "Loan". There are a number of charges associated with a loan that are categorized and summed, which then roll up to a "Total Charges" field. As an example, you have:

Items Payable (6)
     Application Fee (2)
     Appraisal Fee (3)
Title Charges (7)
     Title Insurance (4)
     Title Examination (5)
Total Charges (8)

As part of the implementation, "Items Payable"=("Application Fee" + "Appraisal Fee"), "Title Charges"=("Title Insurance" + "Title Examination") and "Total Charges"=("Items Payable" + "Title Charges"). Items Payable, Title Charges and Total Charges are all field type "Computed", while the others are "Float".

When I save the content type and go to add "Loan" content, I input "Application Fee", "Appraisal Fee", "Title Insurance" and "Title Examination". When I save the content, Items Payable and Title Charges are summed correctly, but "Total Charges" remains at "0". In order to get Total Charges computed, I have to go back and re-save the content a second time. After that pass, the numbers are all calculated correctly.

As I understand, in order to get the correct order of calculations, I need to define the 'order of calculations' using the "Weight" column. I've gone back and done so using the numbers in the parentheses, but keep getting the same result.


Title:Computed Field, Order of Calculations using WeightHave Computed Field order calculations by weight
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The weight is for the order of display. Computed Field doesn't do anything with it. It's not an unreasonable feature request, however. If someone can provide a patch, I'll happily entertain it.

Thanks for letting me know. I had read elsewhere (in a blog or something) that weight did play a role. Obviously that was incorrect. I do think it would be helpful to have some sort of mechanism to designate the order of calculations. FWIW, after looking at other ways to perform this task, I think I can do most of what I want to do with the Rules module.

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Okay, great. If someone else is interested in this, please reopen.

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I am :-)

I have two computed fields: A depends on standard CCK fields and B depends on standard CCK fields and A.

How can I be sure than A is computed before B?

Sorry, no PHP skills for a patch...

This patch is provided by Martijn Houtman.It has some limitation on getting weight info of computed field if it is inside field collection.This feature should be provided in core.

+1 I follow this!

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