I have IMCE configured with CKeditor for file uploading for multiple sites, and it works perfectly with Drupal 7.7 or 7.9, CKeditor 1.2 and IMCE 1.4

On another site with Drupal 7.9 (hosted by GoDaddy), I was prompted to update my modules. I updated CKeditor to 1.6 and IMCE to 1.5, along with some other updates (views, views slideshow, and webform). When I went back to upload some images thorugh CKeditor/IMCE, the menu of options (Upload | Thumbnails | Delete...) that normally appear across the top is now appearing below the list of files, and is missing all of the css styling. (I've attached a screenshot).

The file upload capability still works, but the Insert Image link is gone completely.

I tried updated IMCE to 7.x-1.x-dev, no luck. I also tried reverting back completely to IMCE 1.4 and CKeditor 1.2, but the problem is still there (database?)

I viewed it in IE 9, IE 8, Firefox 9, and Chrome - all were still messed up.

Thanks for any help with this!

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Ufku, did you post a reply or solution to this? Your reply was blank....

We ran into a similar issue with a site we were designing. A JS error in another module was causing the issue for us. Resolving that JS error let IMCE function normally.

I might have found the issue...it looks like the custom template I created is not using Lightbox, even though the Lightbox module is enabled. When I switched the theme to Bartik, the IMCE uploader links look perfect (and it all work). In Firebug, I see alot of css references to Lightbox.

But when I switch back to my theme, those Lightbox css references are gone.

Any ideas how to fix?

Version:7.x-1.5» 6.x-2.3

I'm still having the same issue. I have 4 sites and 2 of them are showing garbled IMCE interface. I'm running D6s

Similar issue.

User is able to upload the file, but when selecting the file by clicking on the image or double clicking the file itself, causes the image to open in a black, "lightboxish" new window.

using FCKeditor and IMCE

not using lightbox modules but have latest versions of jquery and ajax modules.

Disabling javascript optimization in Performance helped for me. Try it.

Finally figured this out...install the Jquery update, and set the CDN dropdown line to 'jQuery'. Can be jquery version 1.5 or 1.8, either will work.

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