First off, thanks for this module! I love it, it does exactly what my client wants!

But also, my clients wants to have pricing shown in multiple currencies. This is accomplished with the commerce_multicurrency module.

That module and this do not play very well together. I hope to fix this and supply patches in both places to make each play nicer with the other.

Specifically, Commerce Multicurrency offers two approaches:

  1. Convert currency on the fly to the user's currency: This works awesome with Commerce Price Table, except for one small problem (below).
  2. Have multiple currency price points defined for a product: This doesn't work in at all, the product edit page shows the currency prices above, then the pricing table below (but it only knows about the main currency). I don't see this working easily, so recommend we leave that as unsupported for the time being.

The problem with #1 is that when the user chooses a new currency with the commerce_multicurrency "Currency Chooser" block, this new currency is printed on the price table (even though the prices on the price table are actually in the original product currency). (see attachment table1.jpg). All that's wrong is it's printing CAD in the price table, when those are actually GBP prices. That currency there should come not from the user's currently selected currency via the chooser, but from the currency that goes with the product price!

You can see the shopping cart calculation is correct though... I ordered 20 items and it's showing the correct CAD price, not 20 * the GBP price... Then if I enter a quantity and move on to the view cart screen, it works perfectly from then on (see table2). I can update the quantity and price_table gets the correct price, and then multi-currency converts this price to CAD correctly for me. Perfect!

So.. what Im going to try and do is figure out how to make the proper currency code show up on the price table on the product reference node. Everything else is working for me as far as I can tell! I'll submit a patch here when I have it going. Meanwhile, any tips, warnings etc. would be appreciated! Thanks again for this great module.

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Any luck in finding a solution to this problem ?

Ah no, I ended up working around it by only using one of the modules instead. Hopefully the above gives you a starting point though!

I need to use both for discounts based on quantity, I'm getting tired of searching for a solution and my PHP skills don't help me to find one :(
Really desperate

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