Basically I want to have a simple search form on all my panel pages (by simple I mean no extra filters exposed in the form block except for the search terms form) that will redirect to a panel page showing their search results. On the search results panel page I want to have a different complex serchh form with more filters.

Steps I took to achieve this:
-Created a view of fields with a display content pane named 'Search results' and with the following settings:
--expose search terms (with the default filter identifier which is 'keys')
--expose form in a block
--use panel path
-Created a panel page for the search results and added the view for 'Search results' content pane
-Added the exposed form in a block view to my homepage (which is a panel page) with the 'inherit path' checked.
-Went to homepage typed in a keyword and got redirected to the homepage instead of the search results page - with the keyword I typed showing in url

I remember this use to work in previous versions... Any ideas why it's failing miserably for me for the last past 2 days?

When I'll finally make it work I'll add a recipe with all the steps, I think it's a great feature that many people can be interested in.

#6 ctools-views-content-custom-url-1417630-06.patch766 bytesjhedstrom
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Looks similar to this closed thread, but unless I'm missing something I'm not sure it works as designed anymore:

The code for this is entirely in CTools, not Panels.

Project:Panels» Chaos tool suite (ctools)
Version:7.x-3.0» 7.x-1.x-dev
Component:Views panes» Code

Thanks for the quick reply Merlin I'll move the issue


Any news about this problem ? It's a little dirty to proceed like this.


Component:Code» Views Content
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This patch, not sure if it is the right approach or not, resolves this in my local testing.

To reproduce issue:

  1. Create a panel pane view with exposed keywords text filter
  2. Set exposed filters to be displayed in blocks
  3. link display, setting custom path to that of the panel pane
  4. place the views pane in a panel with the previously used path in step 3
  5. place the exposed filter block in a region and attempt to submit the form

without this patch, it always submits back to the current page.

Also, marked #1613410: Override Path on Views Exposed Form as a duplicate.

@merlinofchaos can you confirm the approach in #6 is correct?

It would be nice to know if this is the way it will work in future versions so as to avoid any problems when updating ctools.


Edit: #6 works beautifully and is the functionality I had expected originally.

Yes, I think this is the correct approach. This patch will likely get committed when I have more time for it.

Awesome! Thanks for the rapid reply. As stated the patch is working for me :)

I just see that the 2 issues we marked as duplicates actually seem NOT to be dups.

This issue fixes exposed forms *in block* submitting to the wrong url.

I can confirm the same problem for exposed form of a view in a panel NOT being fixed by this patch.

I'm not sure how this is interconnected so for now posting in this issue, later we might re-open a separate issue.

OMG, we have a mixmax of several issues here:
* this issue description talks about "inheritpath" setting
* patch in #6 talks about and fixes the similar problem with "custom path" setting

of course for now we can workaround "inherit path" with "custom path" and #6 but that's a PITA.

Just a note that the patch in #6 worked perfectly for my use case - needed to put an exposed form block/pane in panels and have it redirect to a panels page with the view pane in it. Thank you!